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Akengbuda (About 1750AD-1804AD)

During his reign, the royal army launched a war against Oboro-uku a kingdom within Benin Empire, as a revenge for the murdered of Adesuwa the daughter of chief Ezomo by its Obi. He murdered Adesuwa for refusing to marry him.

When the news of her murder reached the Oba he quickly sent royal troops Under the commands of Imaran, Adiagbon, and Emokpaogbe Agboghidi Enogie] of Ugo. Oboro-uku was captured; its Obi who murdered Adesuwa was trialed and beheaded.

The Oba for their braveness rewarded the troops and their generals. Emokpaogbe the Aboghidi of Ugo dissatisfied with his rewards engaged in a rebellious act toward the royal authority. The Oba at first ignore him due to the part he played during the war with Oboro-Uku as if that was not enough, Emokpaogbe turned his war machine against the royal authority.

When Emokpaogbe rebellious acts continue to transgress the monarchical establishment, the Oba sent royal troops lead by Ologbose and Imaran to Ugo to quash the rebellion. Ugo was captured Aboghidi drowned himself in Igbaghon River before he could be arrested by the royal troop.