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Olua (About 1473AD-1480AD)

Olua was the second son of Oba Ewuare at first refused the crown for, fear of his banished brother prince Okpame who fled to Ora.

His sister princess Edeloyo was then asks to ascend the throne. She received the title of Edaiken, a title given to all heirs apparent before their ascension to the throne. She fell sick, as a result of this, the Uzamas (king makers) and Eghaevbo (executive council) enacted a law permanently prohibiting women from becoming king in Ancient Benin Kingdom.

Olua was eventually crowned the Oba of Benin after much persuasion from the Benin elders. He sent one of his sons to Eho [a town outside Benin City] to keep an eye on the movement of prince Okpame. Olua’s son eventually became the Ogia of Eho.

Historical account says Oba Olua was kind and generous. Concerned about his unpopular son Iginua among the Benin Elders and the prospects of been prevented from ascending the throne after his death, decided to create another kingdom for him near the coast. It is this kingdom which is popularly called warri today. Igiua gladly took the offer knowing that the possibility of him succeeding his father as the Oba of Benin kingdom was very slim.

Igiua left Benin City with many columns of subjects, to the newly created kingdom. Just by the coast of Benin kingdom with the title Odili n’ ame.

He became know to his Itsekiri subject and those who accompany him from Benin City as the Olu of Itsekiri.He eventually became the Founder of Itsekiri kingdom, the first Olu of Itsekiri or Olu of warri.