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Orhogbua (ABout1550AD-1578AD)

Before he ascends the throne, he was educated under the Portuguese educational system. The reign of Oba Orhogbua is marked with the expansion of the Empire westwards. Thus Eko (Lagos) and Badagry were founded. he established the monarchical rule in those places and placed his own representatives to rule them. He established the first Oba of Lagos. it is said that during the oba’s long sojourn in Lagos and Badagry, some parts of the Easter Empire were in a rebellious state which was quickly suppressed by the war general, Ezomo Agban who was dispatched to Agbor in 1577.

The appearance of British explorers like Windham (1553 in this part of the world took place during Orhogbua’s period.

He introduced the European type cooking salt to Benin kingdom.